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Transgender Care

Dr. Gromko has provided general medical care to Seattle’s Transgender Community since 1998. If you are planning to visit us for hormone therapy related to a Gender Transition, please note the following:

  • Your initial "visit" to our office will be booked as two separate appointments: the first for medical history and blood work, and the second for a physical examination. Hormones are not prescribed until both visits are completed, and if medically appropriate.
  • Like many other experienced practitioners in our area, we follow the "Informed Consent Model." We have found that our clients are well versed on gender issues and therapies, and therefore no longer hold rigidly to the requirement of a therapist's letter. Naturally, we encourage everyone on the planet to go to therapy, and will happily accept a letter from a therapist, or an ICATH letter (ICATH means "Informed Consent for Access to Transgender Health"). After discussing treatment with you, we will ask you to sign an informed consent - and if you are under 18, we will ask your parent(s) to sign on your behalf.
  • Please check in advance whether or not your health insurance plan covers gender-related care. Policies vary widely. Please understand that if your policy excludes gender-related care, you will be solely responsible for costs incurred.
  • Letters required for Driver’s License purposes or for Sexual Reassignment Surgery require a preparation fee of $25 per letter for letters provided within ten business days; expedited letters (24-48 hours) will be billed at the rate of $50 per letter. We provide letters only if accounts are current with our billing office (and, of course, if medically appropriate). We generally do not charge for letters if you have an appointment for care that day.

Queen Anne Medical Associates, PLLC, is a "Gender-Friendly" practice, and we welcome you to come to our office in the gender expression appropriate for you. We are happy to address you in your chosen name; simply let us know how we can make you more comfortable. (Note that our electronic medical record refers to you by your genetic gender until your gender is changed on your insurance! This is not our preference; it’s a systems issue.)


Transgender Children and Adolescents

Because we are a family practice with a great deal of experience in serving the Transgender Community, we also treat transgender children and youth. This may include:

  • Implantable Puberty Blockers to delay the onset of puberty
  • Cross hormones in teens who are already well into puberty

Counselling is part of appropriate treatment (for patient and family), and we are happy to refer you to Gender Diversity for a referral if you are not already in a counselling relationship.

New service offered!

The aesthetics team at Queen Anne Medical Associates is excited to offer non-surgical facial feminization and facial masculinization using Botox and Dermal Fillers.
We can help with non-surgical body contouring using CoolSculpting, and we offer laser and electrolysis hair removal. We have also learned that "microneedling" can minimize scarring after top surgery (gender affirming chest surgery for trans males).
Please call Suzi Spinner (206) 281-7163 x15 to make your appointment for a free consultation.

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