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FAQs About Hair Removal


1. Why are you offering Hair Removal Services?
We initially set out to provide hair removal services tailored to meet the needs of our transgender clients. We felt there was a need to provide both Laser AND Electrolysis - as people may need one service or the other - or both. We  truly wanted to provide services with maximal physical and emotional comfort in mind. We are happy to provide appropriate pain and/or anxiety medications when needed.

Also, we wanted to establish an additional service that wasn't tied to the unpredictabilities of the insurance industry - so we could avoid becoming a "concierge practice" that would curtail service to many of our clients.

2. Do you have to be Transgender to use our Hair Removal Services?
Not at all. We are happy to address "ANY HAIR, ANYWHERE."

3. What's the difference between Laser and Electrolysis?

Laser is FDA cleared for Permanent Hair Reduction. Electrolysis is FDA approved for Permanent Hair Removal. Laser and Electrolysis use different technologies: Laser uses specific wavelengths of light to destroy the hair follicle; "Blend Electrolysis" combines the methods of thermolysis to heat the hair follicle and the galvanic method of detroying the follice by causing a chemical reaction.

Laser is significantly faster than Electrolysis, but does require 6 treatments to achieve maximal clearing. Electrolysis is literally done "one hair at a time," but is a superior method for people who are not good candidates for Laser.

It's fair to say that with both electrolysis and laser, people may have "tune-ups" from time to time - not a "one and done" treatment.

4. Why does it take so many treatments to clear an area?
Hair grows in cycles. We clear hair in the first phase of its growth. But hairs that are more mature, or on the verge of falling out, will be captured in a later treatment. (That's why even people who have "Massive Electrolysis Clearings" must have several treatments.)

5. Does it hurt?
For many people, no. But for others, yes. We have prescription strength numbing gel to apply on site. There's no additional charge for numbing gel. If needed, we can prescribe oral pain relievers and/or anxiety medications - but you must have a driver for a safe drive home.

For the sensitive upper lip and chin area, Dr. Gromko can perform a dental block. This must be coordinated with your Hair Removal Provider and Dr. Gromko. (Contact Suzi Spinner Program Director at 206-281-7163, ext 15.) We can also perform scrotal blocks for folks who are preparing for Gender Confirmation Surgery. Dental or scrotal blocks are priced at $75 per block.

6. Does Laser work on everyone's hair?
Some people are not good candidates for Laser Hair Reduction - particularly people with white hair. Don't hesitate to schedule a consultation with us, though, if you have gray, red or blond hair. It all depends on the amount of pigment you have in your hair. (Laser will work if you have naturally brown or black hair, and have dyed it blond or red.) Laser is most effective on brown or black hair. And there are some people - even with brown or black hair - who do NOT respond to Laser for genetic reasons.

7. What do I do if I have white or very light hair?
Electrolysis will work, and we provide this service also. There are, of course the many other ways of temporary hair removal, i.e., waxing, shaving, plucking, threading, etc.

8. What kind of Laser do you have?
We have the VECTUS by Cynosure as well as a Gemini. These are diode lasers. Our Vectus is used ONLY for hair reduction, while the Gemini can be used for skin rejuvenation, spider veins, and pigmented lesions.

9. Does Laser turn hair gray?
If Laser is applied to an area consisting of brown and gray hairs, the Laser will treat the brown hairs and leave the gray ones behind. The remaining hair will appear more gray - but just because the brown hairs are gone. Laser does not "turn" hair gray. You may want to treat the leftover gray hairs with Electrolysis, or one of the temporary methods of hair removal.

10. Who will be performing Hair Removal Services at your office?
Electrolysis is provided by one of our specially trained Electrologists, and Laser is performed by one of our Master Aestheticians. Refer to our section on Aesthetics Providers.

11. Is financing available?
Ask for an application for CareCredit, or apply to CareCredit online. This service allows an individual to borrow the amount needed for services, and pay it back to CareCredit interest free in a reasonable amount of time. (Interest is charged if you exceed the time allowed.)

12. It is appropriate to tip the provider of Laser or Electrolysis?
It is never a requirement to tip anyone! You may tip the Electrologists or Master Aestheticians if you like. We ask that you NOT tip Dr. Gromko or Ms. Keenholts.