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Your Comfort During Laser and Electrolysis is Important!

For many people, Laser Hair Reduction and/or Electrolysis can be accomplished with minimal – if any – discomfort. But others do experience pain, particularly when we are working in sensitive areas like the upper lip. Numbing gel can be used in any area commonly undergoing Laser or Electrolysis. We can offer strong prescription strength gel that can be applied in our office 30-60 minutes prior to your treatment at no additional charge. (Naturally, you may not use it if you are allergic to lidocaine, or other components of the preparation.)


If needed - and if there are no medical contraindications - we can also prescribe oral pain medications and/or oral anxiety medications. For these, it is essential that you have a driver for a safe trip home.

For areas that are extremely sensitive, such as the the upper lip; we also offer the option of doing a dental block or injections for pain relief. Please note that these injections will numb an area up to 3 hours. We also offer scrotal blocks for individuals preparing for Gender Confirming Surgeries.